Groovement Meditation.

Dancing from the inside out.

This is

A   D a n c e   E x p e r i e n c e

rather than a "dance class," as I will not teach you any moves,

but rather invite you to move as you are, like, and wish.

This is an invitation...

To dance with what is...

To say yes to each physical impulse and follow her and love her and acknowlede her.


Then what?

Uh huh and?


Yes! Yes! Yes!

I use this time and space to dance my special needs and quirks and ticks and freakiness and love them up by giving them space to exist shame free, out in the open. As Gabrielle Roth said, "Dance ugly and drool!"

I invite you to dance your hopes and dreams and prayers. I invite you to play and laugh and smile as well as break down and sob and hit rock bottom for then we may know the heights of joy.

When I am the Mistress of the Musical Journey, I like a lot of R&B /Soul music with a lil side of Hip Hop, perhaps a dash of jazz, some Emo, as well as Global Flavors... I'm a musical omnivore. I have come to like surprises and music that takes me out of my comfort zone which aid in new discoveries proportionate in size to the amount I can surrender and get my mind out of the way.

The dance invitation...



Literally listen to your feet

Ankles, knees, hips, booty,

Root chakra,

the belly, the under belly,

the chest and breasts,

The heart

front AND the back

the blood, the internal organs...

Shoulders, arms, wrists,

And hands,

Neck, throat,


ears, nose, eyes


And and and...

What wants to move

What doesn't want to move

Just notice


Back to the breath

When in doubt, go back to the feet. If and when the mind gets all mental, return to the feet and body, perhaps move faster than the mind can think.

Take space

Make it a game

Go to the spot in the room that calls you...Dare yourself to move to the spot that scares you even if it's just for a moment.

Say yes to yourself.

And keep saying yes.

How long can you commit to listening to your body and responding with authentic movement initiated from said body rather than the mind?

My intention is to explore love/ acceptance, deep listening, authenticity, trust, & freedom thru dance and movement.

And I hope that as i dance my truth with sensitivity and faith, you may feel the whispers of your own divine purpose and bring forth your love and courage to the world.

If your dance were a prayer, what does it look and feel like...

Please do join us and enjoy the luxury of freedom of expression in a beautiful, safe, and sacred space we create together.

All hearts welcome.