Julie Alessio

My experience facilitating movement meditation started in 2002 at a studio called The Dance Matrix, in Bisbee, Arizona while studying western herbalism.  The experience of being in the desert was a magical part of my personal transformation.

I continued to explore Soul Motion with Vinn Marti, 5Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth and BrainDance with Anne Green Gilbert.  I spent over 450 hours studying with these teachers including several ten-day intensives such as Vinn Marti’s Soul Motion Mastery and Gabrielle Roth’s Medicine Dance as well as Mirrors, an in-depth look at the ego.  I found these practices helped me to be a more well rounded person and move through life with more grace. I often tell people that I never would have become a mother (one of my great joys) if I hadn’t practiced the 5Rhythms.  Teaching movement meditation and creative dance for over 15 years has helped me deepen my own dance as a spiritual practice.

Now I help others learn these practices that have helped me in my life.  I teach people how to meditate who have never meditated before and help others deepen or find a spiritual practice they love. A Personal Tao