Armando grew up with a very active, health conscious mother, which created his strong foundation for a life of wellness. Through his sports experiences of surfing, soccer and baseball, he’s learned the valuable lessons of observing how the body grows and injures and recovers. Armando trained at Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 1999. With 18 years of practicing bodywork and 19 years of practicing yoga, the range of modalities at his fingertips allows him to listen with a deeply connected sensitivity. 

His main goal is to share his passion for health and wellness with others through balancing the central channel of the body. Clients find Armando’s humor to relax them and allow for the utmost healing. He believes when you’re balanced in body and mind, your entire world will be affected.

Armando uses neuromuscular therapy, structural integration, cranial sacral, deep tissue, sports rehabilitation, myofascial release, relaxation and breath work techniques.


Armando’s work is incredibly intuitive and amazingly effective.
— GB, California
Some of the most healing deep body work I have ever experienced.
— TB, Hawaii