ALOHA. We are a family of yogis & surfers, connected to nature and the spirit of the island. We value family, health, and the community.

We opened Shala to share yoga and bodywork with the community of Hawaii. As well as host cultural events and programs, productions & ceremonies.

We offer world class yoga instruction & bodywork. At the core, we are simply facilitators; we hold space for people to listen to their bodies and to learn, and help them on their path to deeper awareness within their daily lives.

The practice is about listening to the breath. By listening to the breath, you listen to the body. Wake up your body, wake up your creativity. Dive in. Aid the mandate of your soul. You are welcome here.


with aloha & love, armando, colee, kalei, & valentino

with aloha & love, armando, colee, kalei, & valentino

Walk through the door to be seen and held and received openly as a gateway into your needs, desires and respective self study focuses. 
— SV- Hawaii