THE MYSORE MORNING PROGRAM with Colee Garr    Monday-Friday* 7:00 - 10 AM   

This is not a typical led yoga class. It is the systematic step-by-step unfolding of you; of awareness.  The teaching is customized to your needs and tailored your current state of mind and body, and intention for practice. In the Mysore style teaching method, first we establish a solid foundation and grow intelligently from there. Yoga poses, sequences, modifications and/or variations are introduced systematically and individually in proportion to your capability, enthusiasm, and present needs.  This one-on-one attention allows you to develop your awareness without neglecting weak areas or indulging in strong ones. One of the main focuses of this style is on the development of a personal practice. We will help you arrive in your current form and ability and then methodically build on the previous lesson and develop a practice that you can do by yourself at home. Students arrive based on their morning schedule, sometime between 7-10am; it’s a flexible start time. It is self-practice with guidance, assistance, & adjustments. Absolutely no experience needed to begin. Call Colee at 808-443-1979 to set up your first day or just come and observe, meet Colee and see if this way of practicing the yoga is for YOU!


LED PRIMARY SERIES and SECOND SERIES with Colee Garr    Sunday 7:30-9:15 AM

This Sunday morning class is best suited for those who have experience with yoga and vinyasa based classes, have an established Ashtanga Vinyasa practice, or feel up to a strong breath led practice.  Led Ashtanga Vinyasa classes aim to deepen our understanding of vinyasa, tristhana (the internal forms of the practice), rhythm, and community. It infuses practitioners with insight, energy, and inspiration. Sunday class alternates between Primary and Second Series and begins with seated meditation.  This is a led class with a set series however all bodies and levels are always welcome and encouraged.  If you are new to yoga, you are invited to come for the beginning of the class and take rest when you are ready to end; building endurance up overtime with no pressure to stay for the entire class.

MOON RESTORATIVE with Colee Garr  Monday-Friday TBA 8:30-10:00 AM Sunday 7:30am

Full & New Moon are rest days from the Ashtanga Yoga Asana series. In lieu of Mysore morning class, a restorative practice is offered. Sitting meditation, asana (posture), chanting, and relaxation are core subject matter for this class. Learn different ways to relax and restore the body and its systems, and how to integrate these tools into your self-care routine. This is an invitation to tune into the moon cycles and how they effect the internal landscape. All hearts welcome. 

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VINYASA with Colee Garr    Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00-6:30 PM

Vinyasa, 'to place in a special way', is the practice of connecting breath with movement. This class is designed to gradually awaken the body’s flexibility, strength, and natural intelligence through alignment based, flow sequencing that builds towards one or more peak poses. A full spectrum of postures and breathing exercises are explored. Variations, modifications, and props are used to accommodate multiple levels. Open level practice, some yoga experience recommended.

FUNDAMENTALS - COMMUNITY YOGA with Colee Garr    Thursdays 5:30-6:45 PM

Focus is on exploring the body's range of motion, developing breath capacity and unraveling from the external body to the self within! This practice is rooted in witnessing & experiencing breathing as a means of staying present, mindful, and alert. Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, & Inversions with be taught from the foundation up. This is an all levels yoga class, no experience necessary to participate.  All postures are modified per the individual needs of the student. A GREAT class for beginners and those who feel stiff yet hungry for knowledge and change. 



Drop-In $15

Weekly Pass $50

5 Class Pass $65

10 Class Pass $110

15 Class Pass $150

Mysore Monthly $120

Fundamentals: choose your offering $8 $10 $15


Workshop  $35

Yoga & Bodywork Packages

Single Class & 60 Minute Session   $80 

Private Yoga Sesion

with Colee Garr $75

Gift Certificates

Yoga $75

Bodywork $75 $100